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Collection Manager

Collection Modify Or Delete

Once you have created your collection and not yet added to the blockchain. Left upper corner will show "Draft".

You may operate collection by:

  • Delete collection
  • Edit collection

When you deployed your collection. You can only delete collection, Can not modify them.


View on the scan

When deployed collection. You can click "View on the scan" to view Collection Deployment Details on the chain.


Minting From Mint Button

They must have appropriate LAT balance. They must press "connect wallet" if they haven't already and proceed to "mint". Metamask will pop up a transaction confirmation prompt box, They need to click Confirm on metamask;



Gas Fees

Gas fees for mint vary wildly during the day based on overall network demand.

If you see excessive gas fees when attempting to mint, it may be that your wallet has an error. Commonly occurring when you don't have enough funds in your wallet.

Withdraw Income

Your earnings, including mint sales, and royalty payments can be withdrawn from the contract at any time.

  • Remaining Balance: current balance can be withdrawn from the contract
  • Total Earnings: Received and unclaimed total benefits

NFT Details

You can click the specified NFT to view the details.


List on exchanges

When NFTs is minted, You can click "List on exchanges" redirect to tofuNFT NFT marketplace.